The department including various computer laboratories, which provide all the computational facilities ranging from computing area to high and programming and internet access round the clock. Faculty members are committed to educate and equip the students with latest technology in the information Technology world, and various programming languages meeting requirements of global enterpreneurs and IT industry. From its inception about a century ago, computing has become the defining technology of our age. The study of computing is the study of process abstraction and its power, the practice of algorithm design and method of best implimentation, and mathematical theory of computation and its limits. The list of knowledge areas at the undergraduate level thus include Discrete Structures, Algorithms and complexity, Computational Theory, Computer Architecture, Programming Language Theory and implementation, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Net-centric Computing and Software Engineering. Emphasis is also given to hardware srchitectural design and software system design. A set of elective courses addressing and the advanced topics and applications are also offered at the senior level. The UG curriculum pays great attention to laboratory work to reinforce the thery learned in the class and their applications to solve real-life problems in diverse domains.