The department has well equipped separate workshop, fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Material Science & Testing laboratory, Computer Aided Machine Drawing & laboratory, & Automobile laboratory to meet the requirements of B. Tech program. Mechanical workshop has different shops, namely fitting shop, Carpentry shop, Machine Shop, Sheet-Metal Shop, Black smithy shop and welding shop etc. a separate drawing hall is also provided to practice and enhance skills in two and three. Dimensional drawings, Mechanical Engineer applies the principles of mechanical and energy to the design of machine and devices. These engineers are concerned with the design, operation and maintenance of machines, their components, machine tools, manufacturing systems and processes, Perhaps the broadest of all engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is generally combined into three broad areas: energy, structures and motion in mechanical systems, and manufacturing and design firms. Almost every large technical or manufacturing company has a need for mechanical engineers, Manufactures of utilities and consulting firms large and small hire mechanical engineers.