Leading Professional Institutions of a proudly emerging India are on the steady move towards the global benchmark having bolstered research drive and avidly providing all state – of – the – art facilities. The fast paced globalization asks for a unified consciousness and transitional concern. What is required is to quickly arrive at the frontiers of knowledge by closing gaps and fissures in technological skills with increasing mastery over information and communication technology in diversified fields.

A prerequisite of leadership is to look beyond the present. Foresighted vision, sense of mission & passion are required to achieve the noble objectives. At MGIMT, our objective is to develop competent human resource in the field of Engineering / Education and make them innovative to meet the challenges faced with global competitiveness resulting in strong, economic & social condition of the country.

We at MGIMT, Lucknow offer technical programmes on the highest academic standards. Our programmes are designed to provide education to students who come from various places & from a wide range of educational backgrounds. MGIMT welcomes students for professional studies and exciting careers in Bachelor of Technology.